Spiritual care:

a safe space for our being


Attention to loneliness

Loneliness is present at all levels of society. It is often difficult to see because it is well hidden. Shame and a sense of failure play an important role in this.

Loneliness is not our natural state of being. We are naturally connected. Firstly and foremost with ourselves, and from there extending  to the broader environment. If that core connection is no longer felt this is a clear signal that attention is needed. Loneliness tells us that another’s presence is needed, a person without judgment, without an agenda. 

Are you, or do you know someone, suffering from loneliness? Please contact me. We can discuss how we can be still together in that loneliness.  

Alternative methodologies

Netwerk of specialists

I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you. From the togetherness, the conversations, and the silence, alternative methods and modalities may present themselves as helpful for your journey. Some possibilities are: holistic healing, shamanism, yoga, mindfulness or meditation. I am in a network rich in specialists, and I will be happy to put you in touch with an appropriate practitioner.

Psychological care is often relegated exclusively to medical professionals. Our inner world may be treated as if it were a problem, an ailment that needs to be cured. There seems to be no time made for vulnerability, gloom, fear, despair, confusion. We need to allow and to make room for these experiences. In truth, these are precisely situations where loving attention is most needed. 

As a spiritual caregiver I offer you a safe space without judgments, without looking for solutions. We are simply human again, connected. Together we can look beyond the diagnosis and the narratives to see what wants to make itself known. 


When the mind expands

There is a growing interest in psychedelics, entheogens, and other means and ways to expand the mind. Often, when our view of the world broadens, it can uncover conflicting perspectives, which can lead to a sense of confusion and sometimes even psychological crisis. 

The symbolism we encounter within these experiences are often indicators that need to be interpreted. I'd love to look with you to see where they point. Therapists who specialize in integration are also very welcome to reach out. With 20 years of experience in the field, I am honoured to share my expertise.