A conduit of love

Humans are by nature deeply relational beings who are seeking true connection: with their environment, with other beings, and ultimately with themselves. If those connections are not tangibly felt, life becomes difficult. When we are disconnected, love can feel remote or nonexistent. Trust is replaced by fear, loneliness and sometimes even isolation.

During disruptive events, such as illness and death in particular, we need a vital connection with another person. We need nurturing and care that embraces and envelops us. We need care that extends beyond the purely medical. 

Such a living connection, from person to person, creates a container of loving togetherness in which fears and insecurities can be addressed. As a spiritual counselor it is my role to be present, and to be a support for you in turbulent times. Think of me as a kind ferryman who keeps the boat steady and in balance while you sail to the other side.

"What does a human in despair need? Another human being". 

Martin Buber

Spiritual care:

to be a fellow human being

A spiritual caregiver is not a therapist, psychologist, priest, nurse or coach. A spiritual caregiver is a companion, a fellow human being standing by your side. 

Sail along with every current of life

As a spiritual caregiver I am a fellow human being who is there to support you in 'non-medical areas'. I am there for you when you are faced with the questions: Why is this happening to me? How should I proceed? How can I say goodbye? Where do I find strength and comfort?

These are existential questions. They are at the same time both about, and beyond, religion and beliefs, touching us to the very core of our humanity. I would like to meet you where you are, honoring your beliefs and your questions.

Death as it is

Dying is a highly individual process. If you like, I will walk with you for a while.

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Life as it is

Life needs space to be.

Let's create that space together. 

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